Wireless Home Nanny Cam - Clock Hidden Camera

Wireless Home Nanny Cam - Clock Hidden Camera
NeoLavish - Note: no alarm and radio. Alarm schedule and interval motion detection sensitivity all-day, loop recording and file length Nightvision schedule Brightness and contrast Watch video stream in real time Wherever you are in the world, the Neolavish spy camera clock allows real-time video monitoring with its P2PLiveCam.
2-year warranty extension is available. You can even adjust the resolution via the mobile app to HD, High Normal, and Low Bandwidth. If you want the best video quality possible, we highly recommend HD since the camera will record at 1080P. It can't record audio because it’s illegal in the United States to secretly record sound without consent.
Wireless Home Nanny Cam - Clock Hidden Camera - Better coverage area too thanks to 140-degree wide angle lens. Motion detection system with adjustable sensitivity levels is available. Whether you are at the office or enjoying a piña colada at a tropical country, the high-quality video camera of the Neolavish Hidden Camera Clock with speakers and its discreet design will record every action without no one knowing about.
All you have to do is connect the camera clock to your Wi-Fi and watch the video from the camera's mobile app. The neolavish spy camera appears like your average LED nightstand clock - burglars won't think of it as a camera! Adjustable video resolution Despite our gadget's tiny camera, you will be surprised with its video quality.
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