Lorex By Flir LAB243B 4MP 2K Super HD Bullet Security Camera

Lorex By Flir LAB243B 4MP 2K Super HD Bullet Security Camera
Important compatible with select lorex 4mp hd dVR's. It is capable of recording a 2k pixel resolution of 2592 x 1520 - that's almost double the amount of pixels of 1080p. Lha4000 series and DV800 Series. Lha4000 series and DV800 Series. Ir night vision range up to 130ft 40m in ambient lighting and 90ft 28m in total darkness.
This security camera is also fully weatherproof and comes with our revolutionary Color Night Vision CNV feature that will continue to deliver full-color video in low-light conditions. Clearnight imaging for enhanced low light performance and improved recording efficiency. Important compatible with select Lorex 4MP HD DVR's.
The main reason to purchase a security camera is to capture useful evidence should an incident ever occur on your property. This camera also comes with a wide 89 degrees angle lens that is perfect for large areas or doorways. This heightened resolution will produce stunningly detailed video that will leave nothing to the question.
Capable of recording double the resolution of 1080p 2K, this super HD security camera will give you the best chance to capture specific details such as facial features or license plates. This security camera will bring a whole new level of detail and clarity to your home or business surveillance needs thanks to the 4-megapixel image sensor at its core.
High definition 4mp image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p.